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so many thoughts...

what is it with inspiration?
when i have plenty of time the muses are nowhere to be found.
but overwhelm me with work and deadlines and family crises and the ideas flow like something that overflows copiously from some mysterious source!

i finished the script to a stage play and need to set up a reading to know if its worth sending around,
i finished the first half of the book & lyrics to a stage musical adaptation of one of my favorite camp, low-budget, cheesy scifi comedy films,
i am almost finished with the screenplay i have been tooling around with for the last few years,
i still want to rewrite the hitorical/action screenplay that i lost (but probably as a novel this time)
and last night my brain started on fire with the idea of a pair of novels about elves and humans in the modern world, an adventure romance.

ummm, life? can i please get the work done that i have to, first? please?
or at least drop a large sack of cash that i can use so i dont have to terp anymore and can focus on this art????

is that too much to ask?
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