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a new year...

so its 2007

should i be more excited about that? i am booked to work most of the month interpreting. will be able to get ahead on bills... sweet.

was asked about a possible role in EQUUS this weekend, but i think with only a month to get into a shape that can be hairless and clothless onstage might be a stretch... beyond the fact that my "fish-belly white skin would be a hazard to retinas everywhere...

i saw a good dvd over the holidays and saw a guy i worked with five years ago... he was really bad then and is really not very different now. the difference is that he is eighth in the credits of a film that is making the buzz everywhere. how does that work? we was himself and he gets nice money while i work my patoot off trying to become other characters and i find myself everyday putting on greasepaint to resemble Prince George and strap a candle to my head.

i must have really fucked people up in a past life.

lets look back on more of the moments from 2006, shall we?
why the hell am i asking you? you are reading and are only a click away from something really entertaining, like porn. but still i am trying desperately to make this a dialogue so i dont feel like i am completely lame. i am sitting at work waiting to be made useful. its a living.

hell, what is there to look back on 2006? who cares? read my old blogs if you wanna know. hmmm... thats's an idea....
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