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    okay, so i dont get it
not at all
why is it that sometimes you can be in a good place and just start freaking out?
i feel like there are great, wonderful things just around the corner
hopes to be fulfilled, dreams to come true
the real kind not the stupid kind
and yet i am still running at top speed while standing in place
feel the adrenaline surging in me for no real reason
what the hell is going on?
where are the old friends...?
thats right i have lost touch with them
and most of my family
too damn busy treading water to make calls or send emails
what is wrong with this picture?
i know better than this
i am better than this
and i hate who/what i have become
and yet...
and yet there is something right there, just behind prosperity
around that same corner
subtle and easy to miss
but its there
its called rest and fulfillment
its happiness
and all i have to do is get through the next year

i read an article about my dream and i dont know who was interviewed but the facts are just skewed enough to make me feel more alone than i have felt in a long long time

if you are going to write a piece, shouldnt you at least talk at length with the person it focusses on?

maybe i am just a fool
i think that has been confirmed in print

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